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About Idlewild Interiors

Idlewild Interiors was founded in Winston-Salem, North Carolina 50 years ago by Bruce Anderson. His vision as an interior design company was to connect with clients in a personal way and deliver their vision for their home through a unique combination of global and local furniture networks. Idlewild’s current owner, Darren Wagoner, shares the same exact mission for the company along with developing the retail furniture market for Idlewild. It has truly become the perfect destination for all things furniture and interior design.


As a premier interior design studio and furniture showroom in Winston-Salem, we offer a diverse selection of modern furniture and sophisticated design solutions. Being so close to the furniture capital of the world also means that we are able to offer our clients a cutting-edge and ever-changing collection of High Point Market samples from across the globe. 


Our role as interior designers is to develop a relationship with clients in order to truly understand their vision and narrow down this vast variety of options available to them. This allows them to step into the joy of creating and the magic of designing through strategic choice.

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Darren Wagoner

Matt Stone

Darren Wagoner has been the owner of Idlewild Interiors for 6 years. He started in the industry in 1992 sourcing particular pieces for direct clientele and still continues to follow that same passion to this day at Idlewild. While Darren has many diverse design experiences, his wheelhouse for design is in the modern contemporary aesthetic. This small business directly reflects not only Darren’s aesthetics, but also the environment in which he chooses to immerse himself in as he takes the time to hand-pick each piece of furniture that comes into his showroom and designs the space to feel like his version of home.

Matt started at Idlewild 15 years ago and has gained his love for furniture by selling it. Over the years, he has really come to appreciate not only the aesthetic but also the usability, function, and classic design behind the pieces they choose to carry at Idlewild. Watching the company grow has been an honor for Matt and he feels that the all-encompassing service that Idlewild Interiors has evolved into sets them apart from anyone else on the market.

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Rex Goff

Rex has worked at Idlewild Interiors for 2 years and has known the owner, Darren, for over 20 years. He has always had a passion for interior design and worked at one of High Point’s largest and most reputable furniture stores for 21 years prior to working at Idlewild. His favorite part of working at Idlewild is the intimacy of working for a small business; he loves being able to intimately support local artists and artisans and develop those personal relationships with clients.

Our Furniture Manufacturers

If you can dream it, we can do it. Our global network gives us the unique ability to order furniture, flooring, and lighting pieces from a variety of manufactures located all over the world. 


While we highly value this world-wide network, we also love supporting local businesses with each of our new design installations. We have spent many years developing strong relationships with local manufacturers and artisans in North Carolina that showcase our style and bring out the best in every living space we work on. That gives the client more options than they’d have otherwise, as many aren’t open to the public.


We view our manufacturing partners the same way we view our clients - as friends and family. We are delighted to share this relationship with our clients in order to deliver exactly what they need to make their home, home.

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